About Craig Y Nos Castle

Craig Y Nos Castle in South Wales, United Kingdom, is a 19th century Celtic castle located in Brecon Beacons National Park. Formerly a private estate, the castle currently provides luxury overnight accommodations as a boutique hotel and serves as a premier wedding and conference venue. The grounds surrounding the castle include breathtaking mountains with hiking and horseback riding trails, as well as beautifully landscaped gardens, an on-site river, walkways lined with trees and flower beds and a stone courtyard.


Construction of the castle began as early as 1841, but was not actually finished until years later when it became the home of Adelina Patti, a world-renowned opera singer and actress. Patti added to the already beautiful estate throughout her life, turning it into the celebrated landmark it is today. The castle’s name in English means, “Rock of the Night” and Ms. Patti enjoyed throwing parties at her lavish castle as much as she loved to sing and act. One of Ms. Patti’s most prized areas of her castle was her winter garden. Made mainly of glass, it housed various species of exotic birds, which would fly freely throughout the structure, and a number of tropical plants. Just outside of the glass house are two crane sculptures made of wrought iron that were turned into a decorative fountain.

Wedding Venue 

What bride-to-be wouldn’t want to get married in a historic castle? The on-site opera house serves as the wedding chapel and is fully licensed to perform ceremonies. Receptions can be held indoors or outdoors and the castle’s grounds serve as the perfect backdrop for wedding pictures. Package deals are available to cover wedding dinner or breakfast, use of the reception room and opera house and welcome drinks for all guests. Wedding party guests have access to all rooms in the castle throughout their stay.


Craig Y Nos Castle is a popular wedding venue that can accommodate up to 100 guests per event. It features more than 40 spacious guest rooms in a variety of sizes including standard, superior and deluxe-double. There is also a bridal suite and two family duplex-size apartments for the bride and groom’s relatives. The bridal suite was the castle’s chapel at one time and has its own en-suite bathroom. Family apartments sleep up to six people and feature beautifully restored hardwood floors. Accommodations overlook the castle grounds, courtyard and clock tower. A self-catering, 16th century farmhouse is an optional rental throughout the year as well. It is a two-story structure and is pet-friendly.


Craig Y Nos Castle was also used as a geriatric hospital and tuberculosis sanatorium. How many individuals passed on during these generations is unknown, but it seems some spirits of former residents did not want to cross over. The castle still features some of the hardwood flooring from its time as a hospital, and has its original embalming room and slab. Paranormal enthusiasts are intrigued by the castle and its history and because of this fascination; the castle offers ghost tours, séances and enlists the assistance of psychic mediums. In addition to tours, paranormal events are held at the castle periodically with groups of about 10 or more people. Reported activity has included shadow people, unexplained voices and noises, full apparitions and objects being flung across the room with no explanation.

In Television

For anyone who watches the BBC television shows Dr. Who and Torchwood, you may have seen the castle in a couple of episodes. In 2005, the cast and crew filmed at Craig Y Nos Castle and stayed overnight in the hotel. Specific episodes are Dr. Who’s Tooth and Claw, starring David Tennant and Torchwood’s Countryside.

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Next on the list is African Mango. This particular fruit, in addition to being chock full of vitamins and antioxidants like many of the other fruits on this program, is also an appetite suppressant. Used for centuries to make long hunting trips more bearable, African Mango makes you less hungry even while you’re putting out more energy than you otherwise might. It’s a great way to burn more fat while eating less, but not feeling the effects of doing so.

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